Tuesday, January 09, 2007

the woes of internet dating

In the spirt of my film I signed up for online dating, below is a acutally conversation the names have been changed to protect the humor of it.

ME: hi
*** Waiting for GIRL to connect
***GIRL's IM window is open
GIRL: hey
ME: how are you?
GIRL: hey, sorry i didnt see u were 21
ME: i am
ME: something wrong ?
GIRL: im too old for u
GIRL: sory
ME: you never meet me
GIRL: no matter
ME: why would age matter?
ME: 2 years
ME: ?
GIRL: i can barely date guys my own age
GIRL: let alone younger
GIRL: it's like dog years, men/women
ME: i disagree
*** GIRL's IM window is closed

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Sarah said...

hahaha thats awesome :)