Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Change of Name

I'm thinking about changing the name of my film.

"Forgetting Morty" is a great name and I hate to give it up but I feel like there is something better/stronger. I Tried asking my family and friends, here are some possible titles that I'm kicking around (in no particular order):

"We Ain't Dead Yet"
"We May Be Old But We Ain't Dead Yet"
"Old Farts"
"Dirty Harry"
"Old Love"
"Senior Moment"
"Senior Love"
"Old Timers"


After some consultation with the peoples in G10 we have some more options:

"Pruning Love"
"Wrinkled Love"
"Lifes a Bitch"

and my personal favorite:

***EDIT NUmero DOS****

"Bypassed Love"
"Love & Pacemakers"

Maybe I'll get some inspiration from Marv Newland. He is stopping by tonight to speak to the animation department. I'll try and record some audio of him speaking and post some thought about his presentation, I think he is bring a bunch of films to screen.

About 8 weeks left. Wow March 1st... damn time flies.

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